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Well Organized Closet

Declutteright Services

I offer general decluttering and organising throughout the home. If you don't know where to start then you can book a telephone or face to face consultation to discuss what you need. My overall aim is to bring calm and space to your home, life is busy enough and so any time I can save you in your daily routines by sorting your spaces is a good result. Below are some of the key areas I focus on together with additional services I offer.

General Decluttering & Organising

I can focus on all spaces and rooms in your house, including kitchens,  bedrooms,   bathrooms,  guest rooms, kids bedrooms and play rooms, utilities, dining rooms and even lofts. However, no job is too big or too small. So if you just want help with your pantry, wardrobe, dressing table or even the cupboard under the stairs then I can support you. 

Consultation and Action Plan

If you simply want a bit of organising guidance on a particular room or project then I provide a one to one consultation with a follow up action plan to help get you started.

Home Office Organisation and Display

You may have run your office from home for some time or have maybe found yourself working from home a lot more. It can be hard finding the right place to set up and even harder to find the ideal place for virtual meetings with colleagues and clients. I can help to get you organised and have a professional background for all events.

Gift Vouchers

If you would like to gift someone with a decluttering and organising project or some clutter coaching then you can purchase gift vouchers. However, you should never assume your friend or family member would appreciate this gift, so please ensure you have discussed it with them before making a purchase.

Clutter Coaching

I offer coaching sessions that are tailored to your particular project or issue. This will help inspire you to get started, and  understand and overcome barriers to decluttering. This can be done in person or virtually, and can consist of one or more sessions, depending on your needs.

Personal Paperwork Purge and Sort

Despite living in an electronic age we still generate an enormous amount of paper and it can be difficult to know what to let go of and how to stay organised. I can help you to purge what you no longer need and put in place a system that works for you.

Speaking Events

If you run a club then your members may enjoy learning about decluttering and organising. I can also run in person or virtual workshops for businesses who offer their employees events, perhaps as part of a wellbeing week.

Initial Consultation

I offer a 30 minute telephone or face to face consultation so that we can discuss your needs. This also gives me the opportunity to talk through my approach.

Well Organized Closet
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